What Is Love Affair

What Is Love Affair. [noun] a romantic attachment or episode between lovers. An intimate sexual relationship or episode.

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1) the act of having an affair (sex) 2) a phrase you can shout out when someone is being really emotional to another person or when someone thanks someone for something, etc. Affairs are typically a touchy subject. Some individuals simply refer to it as cheating or being unfaithful.

A Love Affair Does Not Require Any Kind Of Sexual Contact Between Two People.

This is, surprising to most, i think, a great question, and one that is highly misunderstood. “infidelity” cannot be precisely defined because different relationships establish different boundaries with different definitions of. An affair is a sexual relationship, romantic friendship,.

1) The Act Of Having An Affair (Sex) 2) A Phrase You Can Shout Out When Someone Is Being Really Emotional To Another Person Or When Someone Thanks Someone For Something, Etc.

[noun] a romantic attachment or episode between lovers. Affair, fling, affaire, romance, love, amour, liaison, intrigue; A love affair is a romantic and usually sexual relationship between two people who love.

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Definition (according to wikipedia) love is a variety of different feelings,. An intimate sexual relationship or episode. An affair can help leverage you out of a destructive or deadened relationship that's beyond the point of renewal.

Hatred, Dislike, Disgust, Loathing, Distaste.

What does love affair mean? Several years after the death of her husband, janet reconnected with a man with whom she'd. A very passionate romantic or sexual relationship, especially one that is temporary.

You Are On The Verge Of Falling In Love With Your Cheating Partner.

Synonyms for love affair include affair, amour, fling, romance, relationship, entanglement, intrigue, involvement, liaison and affaire. Love affair synonyms, love affair pronunciation, love affair translation, english dictionary definition of love affair. Someone having an emotional affair may hide it.